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Operation: Unhook Our Girls!

How your organization can inexpensively print large numbers of Sense & Sexuality

Every young person should receive a copy of this important booklet. One policy institute cannot accomplish this alone. Your organization can play a key role in this mission. The most inexpensive way to mass distribute the guide is to print locally. Here's how:

1. Determine available funding. Work with others that might be interested in copies as well: local non-profit organizations, student groups, your doctor, local health centers, etc.

What Your Local Printer Needs to Know

20 pages plus cover (24 pages total)
Flat size: 8.5" x 6"
Final size: 4.25" x 6"
Cover: 100# or 80# matte text, prints 4/4
Text: 80#, 70# or 60# matte text, prints 4/4
Aqueous coating on all pages (if available)
Bindery: cut, fold, saddle stitch


2. Research a few local printers and compare quotes. (Some printers offer discounts to non-profits.)

3. Fill out "Request for Permission to Print" form provided below. (There is no licensing fee.)

4. The Luce Policy Institute coordinates a print run with your local printer.

5. You pay your local printer directly.

6. Distribute!

7. In exchange for our permission to print the guide, we would like to hear your experiences, anecdotes and stories about the booklet's use and effect. Send them to SNS at

Request for Permission to Print

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Organization (if any):
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Phone Number:
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Contact Person at Printer:
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Number of Sense and Sexuality booklets you request to print:
Why do you want to print the Sense and Sexuality booklets?
How do you plan to distribute the Sense and Sexuality booklets?
Do you know of other organizations who might be interested in learning about Sense and Sexuality? Would you like us to contact them?
Please share with us the responses to, and effectiveness of, Sense and Sexuality.